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11.23.2012 , 03:04 PM | #1
Hi Everyone,

Re-subbed after many months since I let my 6 months run out from the start of early access back in Dec 2011. I have a Rakata/BM geared 50 BH Merc and currently leveling a Sniper (level 28 as of today). I used to be on VEELA and was moved to POT5 by default.

I am interested in being part of guild as a social member to start. Here is my wishlist for the guild I want to be a part of:
1. +18 adult only (working professionals is ideal)
2. People who understand that RL comes first before SWTOR. I have a family with 2 screaming kids that needs the occasional diaper changes.
3. Fun people to socialize and run WZ's, FP's with
4. People who play their class to the fullest and can have fun without being elitist
5. A small guild is preferred but not a deal breaker
6. A place where maturity is a must and the occasional outbursts of F-bombs, PVP trash talk, and smut is tolerated.

Let me know if there is a guild out there for someone like me. PM's preferred. Thanks for reading.