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I'm saying I and a few others know who Revan COMPARITIVELY better then Rayla and Aurbere.

Was my statement kind of rude? Yes. I won't deny that I sounded like a snob when I said that, but it was in retaliation to the NUMEROUS posts of Rayla and Aurbere that have bothered me. I'm sure you understand.

Let me rephrase what I said/meant. Do I know more facts about Revan then Aurbere or Rayla does? Probably not. Do I interpret these facts differently? Oh yes! Is my interpretation correct? Oh yes!

Rayla and Aurbere twist the facts about Revan into insignificant accomplishments, whereas I take these facts to mean what they actually are. They act as if their false interpretations are canon.

You will also notice that they say things like "Mace Windu would make Revan cry like a little baby." - Aurbere
This is the kind of thing they'll say when I AGREE with them that Windu would beat Revan. Yet I say that Revan would give Windu a respectable fight, whereas they insist that Windu would wipe the floor with Revan.
I just wanna make a quick comparison with the "Mace would make Revan cry" bit. When Boba was thirteen he put up a decent fight against Mace. I think Revan could do the same.