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I have an update for you guys.

Had the same error for days and now it works fine. Here is what happened in my case.

I had the same issue. After the fourth 5500 coins purchase, i got the error. For 4 days, nothing changed.

Then i made the stupid mistake to delete my CC information from my account. I believed that it could solve the problem. But when i tried to add it again. I couldn't. I was blocked, like many others who did this as i did.

Today i called support by phone. Got someone after 10 minutes of waiting. So i asked her to help me add my CC card again. We did this by phone, she asked all the necessary information and so on. After an other 10 minutes my credit card was back on my account.

Before we finished, she did tell me this "Now i can tell you right now, your credit card will work this time if you want to purchase more Cartel coins. Do you want me to buy some for you now?" I said yes, get me two 5500 coins. Checked and they were there. (She did not offer the coins to me, she just made the payment on her end)

After that i did ask about the error message. She seemed very confident about what she was saying. And responded

"We are aware of this issue, and while i know that most of you will not believe us... The problem is actually an anti-fraud security mesure that prevents you to purchase in big bursts and in a short amount of time. The reason why this happens after 4 payments or somethimes just 2 is because these vary depending on the bank and the CC. I know this seems hard for you to believe, but IT IS what's preventing many of you to pay. This is not something we expect you to settle with your bank. We are currently working on a solution to lift that limit. And it's more complicated than what you might think. But we are working on it. In your case however, i can tell you that you creditcard will work fine, you will be able to purchase more CC now."

Since that phone call, bought 4 packs of 5500 coins. As she said, it works perfectly fine now for me.

So i have a feeling that she actually knew what was wrong. If you havn't tried already, do call customer service and tell them about your credit card issue and the cartel coins. If she fixed it for me, i have a feeling some of you might get the same.

Hope this helps.
So from what i have been reading throughout this thread is everyone has to call customer services to buy cartel coins...Marvelous!

this is a joke...