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I see the problem as other classes not having the tools they need rather than Maras being OP, but yes I agree with you. If Marauders "need" their defensive cooldowns to DPS, then the same can be said for ALL the dps classes. Snipers are doing pretty well in that area as well as Assasins. Sorcs have bubbles and force speed so that just leaves PTs and Mercs. PTs have the best burst in the game so being squishy isn't so blatantly obvious as it is on a Merc.

But yeah "I need my godmode abilities so I can take down 3 people at a time without dying" isn't a very good argument lol.
Well sorcs have bubble. Force speed I don't consider a defensive cooldown, but if you do then force camo is one as well and they have 4 defensive cool downs vs vanguards 1 and sorcs 2. Not sure about snipers. Either way its still ridiculous. And vanguard burst is only in one tree if you spec into it. Mara/sent def cooldowns are given standard to every tree. It's just silly. They have it all and sacrifice nothing. At least vanguard had to pick and choose. They just get it all!!!
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