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Actually, G-canon is very much alive. It's called Episodes 1-6. Hate G-canon as much as you want, but it helped build a foundation for other Star Wars works. Without it, Star Wars would be a jumbled mess.
G-Canon is a rule set by George Lucas and policed by Leland Chee . George is no longer last say and his rules will no longer apply .
(""Hey more than likely Leland Chee will be the new Canon Controller and not just the Cop ! "")

Agree however that 1-6 will be set in stone , but nothing outside of them are . So Lucas saying whom is more powerful , is no longer set in stone . He sold that with LucasFilms .
Even better there will be no more Film Fixes from Mister G-Canon himself who has done some bad things to his own films trying to bend them to fix PT mistakes !
G-Canon gets its name from George -> G .

While I will miss his ironfist control , and often leading to more mistakes in StarWars continuty , I am for one happy Luke Skywalker story might get some well needed flavor other than Mary Stu Superman God of StarWars .

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