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" we (The guys who know who Revan actually is)".

This statement, degrades any respect for you. Because you are implying that you know more about the character than us because your a fan of him. Yet we have all read the novels and played the games.
You (The guys who attack post by anyone who would not agree who Revan actually is being their is no Canon to where is his abilities or skils are at) seem to think you know more than Leland Chee even though you guys source him much being he is the record holder of all is Canon and has not uttered any Word or so much as a letter on what Revan is or able to do.

BrandonSM , not like we had respect for eachother since the begining of this game anyways , nor do I care . In reality nothing being said on who or what could be Revan is Canon , Fact , or more than Biased Opinion .

If you type in Revan there is 7 Pages of Threads dissing Revan ,and 1 1/2 Page of Issues with Foundry and its bugs , and 1/2 a page of praise .

Revan topic is way overly done on this Site's forums period and overshadows all other Characters from SW , and that is sad . It seems more fun to get these Threads going knowing that it will be ongoing attacks and opinions .
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