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My experience with the different specs leads me to the following conclusions:

Watchman - Best for solo play. Whether you're solo PvE leveling or solo PvPing, all things considered, this is the best spec to go with, even post 1.5 nerf. Watchman's enhanced survivablility will make PUGging in PvP seem far less frustrating than the other specs, and you generally can make a greater contribution to the possible success of your team than any of the other specs assuming you're not getting a significant amount of heals from another player. However, Watchman is the spec that requires the most amount of "ability juggling." If you're not good at multi-tasking or gettin' jiggy with your rotation on the fly, then this might not be your best option.

Combat - Best spec to have in a coordinated group, whether PvP or PvE. Generally the best spec for any PvE content like Flashpoints, etc. Your role is to DPS the crap out of a single target as much as you, and none of the other specs do this as well as Combat. Slightly harder to level with, especially if solo, because the top end of the skill tree is VERY important to the success of this spec.

Focus - If you have more than one Sentinel in a PvP group or if you're attempting a Flashpoint or Operation with groups that have a lot of mobs in them, then this is a great choice. Soloing in PvP with them is almost completely wasted, as the damage you do to multiple targets will quickly be healed by the opposing team's healers since you're not typically as good at burning down a single target. The damage numbers they put out are insane, but ultimately not as useful if you're unable to coordinate your actions with a group.