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11.23.2012 , 02:20 PM | #7
i agree op.

in 1.3 the loot tables have been upgraded for those of you that didn't know and or just came back to the game. all bosses with the exception of the first ones now can drop columni or columni grade gear. some also still have their old tionesse drops too which can lead to some of the confusion. but the issue isn't the lack of knowledge but rather being selfish, not caring and wanting to get the black hole coms in the fastest possible means. usually these same people whine and complain about that under geared 50, whom they view as a speed bump in their race, only to speed by every boss that could drop something to help that 50 out. the operations are not much different either.

i can tell you one thing. if i was a f2p player which just hit 50 and then bought a week pass to run this content to check it out. then when doing so only to have players race through the zone not allowing me a chance of getting gear or enjoying my game experience i most certainly would not subscribe to this game.