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Alright folks am back with the Starfighter threads! Today we shall be looking at the RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor so lets begin!

"The A-wing is the fastest fighter we have, capable of matching a TIE Interceptor in speed."

―General Carlist Rieekan

The RZ-1 A-wing interceptor was a cockpit attached to twin engines. Like its Clone Wars predecessor, the Eta-2, the A-wing required pilots of exceptional skill to take full advantage of the vessel's speed, agility, and special features. The vessel presented challenges to the Rebel Pilots, having to adjust the two dorsal and two ventral stabilizer wings with care as even a minor turn could send the A-wing spinning, its laser cannons could rotate 60 degrees for greater fire control and some even were modified for 360 degree arc giving a nasty surprise for enemy pilots.

The A-wings were nicknamed "slims" on account of it was a slim chance for a pilot to survive a direct hit once the shields were down and also the small frames and its cramped cockpit preventing larger pilots from flying the A-wing. The A-wings were maintenance-heavy and prone to breakdowns, although the sensor jammers and concussion weapons were effective in lightning raids. Using its impressive straight-line acceleration and advanced jamming package, A-wings were able to hit targets before they could respond, and then flee before any defense could be organized.

Schematics of an RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor=

Cost: 175k

Roles: Interceptor

Engines: 2 Novaldex J-77 Event Horizon

Shielding: Sirplex Z-9 deflector shield projector

Hull: Titanium alloy and durasteel outer hull

Max Acceleration: 5,300 G

Max Speed(Atmosphere): 1,300 k/h(can go higher if deflector shield is on)

Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0

Sensor/Targeting Systems/Avionics/Navigation/Power Plant: Equipped

Armaments: 2 Borstel RG-9 laser cannons, 2 Dymek HM-6 Concussion Missile launchers, 6 missiles each(standard)

Countermeasures: Miradyne 4x-Phantom- short range sensor jammer, chaff and flare launcher

Crew: 1 pilot

Cargo Capacity: 40 kilos

Consumables: 1 week.

Thoughts: Its a good fighter, a lot faster then the TIE Interceptor thats for sure though like most you would need to utilize its speed to avoid blaster fire. Personally myself, I think I would just stick with the X-wing the A-wing is fast and small but I ain't that crazy to fly one.
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