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11.23.2012 , 02:04 PM | #9
Healer: Don't go higher than Healing Trance. There's no point in going for salvation. Combine with Kinetic Collapse and the bubble boosts in the Tele tree

DPS:Go up to Force suppression in the Balance tree. Combine with Kinetic Collapse in the Tele tree. Remaining point(s) can be put into Tele Wave, for a bit more burst the time it procs, or to boost your dots.

For DPS it's almost a given to pick telekinetic effusion (since you will spec high for bubble stuns anyway), same applies to heal hybrids that dps a lot. You will never run out of force. Telekinetic effusion is less important if you are on a facerolling team where you are allowed to free cast from the back.

DO NOT channel disturbance in a warzone, LIKE EVER, but use it the times you've already applied Mind Crush on a PoM proc and PoM instantly procs again. It's not uncommon that this happens and I use disturbance to proc an instant tele wave.