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Keep in mind that I did that before the 1.5 changes. Force is more plentiful in 1.5 so it changes things. In particular it is now feasible to increase dps at a small hps loss if desired. This is shown by Ninja. Pre-1.5 it was difficult just to maintain buffs/debuffs and a reasonable harnessed darkness pace. Personally I feel that it is better to maximize survivability and possibly allow healers to dps more as tanks convert stats to damage at a very low rate.

The best opening rotation I have found is:

0. Dark ward (pre-pull)
1. Force Pull
2. Shock
3. Discharge
4. Wither
5. Saber Strike
6. Shock
7. Force Lightning (1st charge of recklessness)
8. Saber Strike
9. Shock (2nd charge of recklessness)

If you taunt after step 4 and step 7, it's about 2500-3000 tps 15 seconds into the fight. The second taunt will last 1 more gcd and the next taunt is available in 3 gcds. After the third taunt, you will be very far ahead on threat for the rest of the fight. If your dps gives you 2 or more seconds there shouldn't be any troubles even without the third taunt. The worst offenders for early threat in my experience are sorcerers and carnage marauders.

After that, the thrash-less rotation provides best self-healing and more than enough dps and tps. Keep an eye on force and thrash if you will be capped.