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Now I can understand you. some new sith rpers really don't know what i means to be sith, and a lot of experienced rpers don't either to be honest. However, don't judge everyone, since sith are one of the more popular things to rp, you will see more troll and noobs than other classes. I personally rp a sith, and yes I would force choke an alien or none force user who steps too much out of line, but I wouldn't punish them unless I had a good reason to. As you said siths have principles and isn't just mindless murders, many of them are in fact very intelligent beings, who dive into philosophy and other stuff.

I however have to comment on the following:

4. The demand of respect due to being level 50 and having the Darth title.
Normally when people demand this I tell them to screw off and if they have a problem with it go cry to their mothers.
I refuse to respect someone just because they got a title and spent time leveling up a character. Most of my characters hate Sith, even the good RPing ones. It's all their personal experiences that cause this. One was horribly wounded, another had her parents killed by a Sith. So yeah you won't get respect from me OOC for your stupid title or IC for the same reason.
I liked your article all the way down to this, because you're simply wrong. Siths are the supreme overlord of the empire! This is not for debate it is simply fact. Therefore, don't decide to rp a none force user on the imperial side if you're not ready to get bossed around by the sith, because that is simply part of the role.

That said there are ofc limits to this. For instance you do not need to respect "Darth Superjedikiller" if his only reason for being a Darth is "That I'm freaking powerful and level 50." Because 1) I don't know what being a sith mean, and 2) He don't know how to rp if he thinks level is = your character's power.

However, if a character who rp a Darth or Lord can give you an IC explanation and referrer to earlier rp in which have earned his rank you better bow your neck, because otherwise this says more about your rp abilities than his.

If you need an example as to what happens when none force users don't bow their heads to a Lord or Darth simply read the "Revan" novel and see what happened to the mercs disrespecting Lord Scourge.
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