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11.23.2012 , 01:57 PM | #217
I absolutely love... I mean love hearing maras talk about how balanced they are. It's like listening to Bill Gates and Donald Trump talk about how they really don't have anymore money than the rest of us.

Let me explain it in easy to understand terms, even for you dumb mara/sents, and I have one...(it's not my main though). Mara/sent ARE OP because they do close to the best pvp damage AND have the best defensive abilities IN THE GAME. When I pvp, BIS tank gear, tank spec, on my vanguard, I have less survivability than my sent in recruit BM gear. There is nothing.... Nothing.... At all you can say that makes that right. Saying I need those abilities to do damage is bullsh*t. I need those abilities to tank.., but I don't get them. Now... Add to that insane damage... WHY play another class. You cannot honestly say they are balanced. AND I PLAY ONE.... sometimes.

Seriously... How can you come on here and spew this we are balanced BS and expect people to take you seriously. Yes you need to be nerfed. Shoot give my vanguard 3... Count them 3 defensive cool downs vs my 1... As a tank. Give me a stealth. Double or triple my dps ability.... And then and only then can you say those two classes or equal. I haven't brought up commandos....

If you vigorously defend this class, hands down you are a pvp noob and terribad. You fear competition, and thrive on easy mode. Pathetic.
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