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I agree with you on that. There are some people who are stupid about not respecting Sith. Though after the 20th level 10 Sith claiming to be the emperor comes along you tend to just not care. Sith players do come off simply as pest these days. Like always there is an exception, but it's like rats... Some are nice as pets. Others are ridden with viruses and suck to be near.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, Sith RPers tend to view the high and mighty mouthy BHs/agents the same way. It gets really exhausting having them strut around being superior and then getting angry OOC when there are consequences for their actions. :P

Honestly though, I do not encounter this much, at all. Most people are conscious of the universe they are playing in and behave accordingly, and while there will always be some Sith RPers who strong arm others and try to enforce their will needlessly, most just let bygones be bygones unless said bygones are getting in their face and insulting Sith.
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