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11.23.2012 , 01:38 PM | #2
Seems to be more imps than reps. Lowbie rep warzones are generally a horrible experience (even worse after F2P). Lowbie imps seems to have a greater chance to get a wz pop with less idiots (at least true before F2P. haven't PvPd below 50 on imp side since F2P) . As for 50 PvP I'd say it's pretty balanced between the factions. Lot's of premades though so it helps if you bring your own. Open world PvP is pretty much non-existent. I've had people log out on me while I was leveling and trying to do some OPvP. Otherwise you can get some OPvP in SectionX if you can bear the 4s ability delay and go out of your way to find the opposite faction. You can also get some OPvP going in the Blackhole but there just aren't the same amount of people there after the launch of section X.

As for English in general chat yes that is the norm. But you have lot's of Russians, east Europeans, Italians and Spanish posting in their own languages on the starter planets. Quite annoying and I do hope it's against ToS.