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I haven't seen any videos of 50s soloing 3 other 50s, but then again I don't watch too many videos.
You can't compare subjective performance (Such as winning or solo'ing more players), since this takes in RNG for dmg roles, and skill itself. I think it's been established that the amount of skill present in the 10-49 bracket is "abysmal" as another poster said it.

Since we are talking about the gear gap and twinking here then we shouldn't take into account anecdotal evidence such as being able to solo. I've solo'd two people before, too on my Lv 37 LolVengeance Jugg in around full blues. LET'S NERF ALL GEAR AMIRITE?

To he who replied to my logic post:

Important A does not imply the OP is a hypocrite. At the least BM is the norm, not recruit, whereas 49 Twinks with almost all of their skills and vastly superior gear are the outlier in the lower bracket. You're comparing apples and level 50 PVP.
OP is whining that other people with a statistical advantage due to their greater time invested to the game are destroying the game. I see no other reason how twinks could be detrimental to the game other then that. The inner mathematician of myself is wanting to tell you that if you're going to complain about people with better gear, you need to remove all gear in PvP. That's right. 1001 aim vs 1000 aim is unbalanced. Fact. Of course it's not as imbalanced as 1000 aim vs 1600 aim :P OP in that statement, if it were true, would mean that he is "destroying" the game for everyone else.

Important statement B is a fallacy. It is possible to have not the best gear in 50 and not get destroyed by war hero geared 50s. Augmented BM is perfectly competitive.
It is possible to have not the best gear in 10-49 and not get destroyed by twink 49s. Blues are perfectly competitive.
In fact, there are fewer twink 49s than war hero 50s, on my server at least. OP, once again, is whining about gear gap. Yet, there is a gear gap in 50 pvp. This, by his logic (Gear gap implies destroys the game), 50 pvp is destroying the game.

Important statement C is another fallacy. Having good gear is not the same as twinking. He's only a hypocrit if he has a twinked character and leaves warzones early so his gear doesn't get comparatively worse through leveling.
I see no real difference between leaving a game to not outdate your gear and BiS'ing war hero. Both are: Not exploiting the game, creating an advantage for you non-skillfully, and both are, according to the OP, destroying the game.

OP can whine about twinking, I think gear in general is lame. But if he whines about twinking given his logic, he must also whine about war hero gap. Of course once 1.6 comes out I will be extremely happy.
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Bioware couldn't balance a sheet of plywood if it were laying [sic] on the ground.
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Make sure you take 3/3 in the "knowing how to play" box