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We need this implemented. Imperial Premades have ruined WZ's for Republic players on PO5. Seems EVERY match, we face entire premade teams with fully augmented WH gear. Not only does this happen during peak hours, this happens ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I shouldn't have to be on Day 6/7 and only halfway done with my weekly.

I think cross-server PVP ques could help out a lot, level the playing field a little bit. Before you call me "baddie", let me just say that I heal with my smuggler for 350k - 500k per match so the problem isn't me. The problem is pre-mades roflstomping the heck out of us every single game because they are obviously bored to death in RWZ's.

Another solution to this would be not allowing pre-made grouping to happen, solo ques only. I think it could level the playing field a would get your healthy mix of great/decent/baddies that makes the world go round

Either give the guys something better to do because RWZ's obviously arent fun to them anymore (world PVP, Arena, more RWZ content) or change the way that you are currently allowed to group for WZ's because this sucks.

Perhaps I'm just cranky because i'm on the Pub faction and can't get people with talent to group with me
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