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So why Kriff, you may ask.

Kriff is a guild that has no desire to be one of those 40+ player guilds that runs 6 groups a week and is super serious and everyone must play spot on! We're a relaxed guild, who puts a priority on completing ops in a timely manner and working on progression but we also believe in fun. We don't scream at our players, or bench them if they're not hitting goals we think they should be. We work with our players to help them correct mistakes and understand problems making our players better and happier, rather then making them feel like total ***.

We believe that a guild should be a place you can kick back and relax, find help with quests and flashpoints, get advice from others if you have questions, and overall make the game feel like the fun it is rather then a full time job!

If having a good time, getting things done, and not being super serious about it is something you're interested in, then we're your guild!
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