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<Kriff> is recruiting players of all roles for raiding! We are currently a smaller guild of well geared (campaign or campaign equivalent) players who currently raid Tues & Thurs nights @ 7:30 EST. We are looking to expand our raid days as we recruit more and/or players would like to raid more frequently.

We currently have a 3 tab guild bank with a stockpile of mats, crafters who can help upgrade gear if needed, our own vent server and guild website.

We are seeking level 50 players with raiding experience who, even if they are not fully geared, have demonstrated the ability and desire to gear themselves and raid past basic storymode ops. Players interested in joining must be knowledged in their class and have a good attitude.

if you're interested in joining, please fill out an application on our Site or feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions.

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