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Sorcs are imo unfortunately the squishiest and most underpowered AC in the game. I kill them 1v1 even with my merc healer who I play once in a month or two. I really wish it wasn't so, because I always thought they should be the strongest class in the game (at least by my understanding of the Star Wars lore). Back in the days full of purple lightning it was hard to cap anything, but at least it looked damn epic and Star Wars like!
I really hate the fact that all sorcs have become healers that run around like girls when you throw an eye on them
Have you ever seen a sorc try solo cap a node and get the defender below 80%HP?
P.S.: I dont have a sorcerer myself.
I'm a sorc healer, and yeah I "run around like a little girl" whenever I get attacked, because when you're a healer the point is to get away from the enemy. If I'm being attacked by melee, it usually takes at least two of them to kill me. The ones that kill me fast if I'm not careful are snipers and powertechs. I guess a lot of sorcs are now healers because it's the strongest tree to spec in terms of helping your team. It's not my job to cap nodes, it's my job to heal my team as they cap/defend. I rolled a sorc specifically to be a healer though. Never rolled him to be a dps character in the first place. There are just some classes that were meant to be healers. Doesn't make me feel "weak" that I play one.