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Lol at the people calling this a QQ thread. All of you are just proving that you can't read.

Most Marauders in these forums are so scared to death about getting nerfed they can't even hold an intelligent conversation about their abilities.

LMAO how can anyone take what you say serious after this -

Up to 2 leaps available which are effectively two ranged interrupts. Also, those interrupts are true interrupts. The person being lept to is stunned the instant the marauder hits his ability...before his feet even leave the ground to leap to you.

2nd leap is specced into and is only 15m. Point taken.

It's 10m oh I see you edited that after getting schooled by MusicRider lol. Also you make it sound as if all 3 specs have a second leap, next time get a clue before you make a thread like this if you expect people not to laugh at your QQing. This guy has some nerve telling people they don't know their own class abilities, ROFL at least I had a good laugh at your QQ thread. THANKS!
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