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The Sith and Jedi have done battle for Millenia, each side taking heavy losses, only to reform, adapt and prepare for the next encounter. This new thread series will discuss the wars between the Jedi and Sith. This includes the Mandalorian Wars (already covered) as the Sith were orchestrating the return of the Mandalorians. The first significant war was the Hundred Year Darkness and the Second Great Schism.

The Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas discusses these events in a recording in the Tedryn Holocron...

Long before the Great Hyperspace War delivered the Sith to the Jedi, time and again did the Jedi-divided by the light side and the dark side of the Force- cross lightsabers amongst themselves. One of these Great Schisms approximately seven thousand years ago, when a group of Dark Jedi discovered that they could use the Force to transform creatures into mutant warriors, mounts and spirit-devouring Leviathans. The war that followed lasted more than a century, left many worlds ravaged in its wake, and became known as the Hundred Year Darkness.

The Jedi all but vanquished these Dark Jedi and their monsters, who made their last stand on the mining world of Corbos. The surviving Dark Jedi were banished to an uncharted region of space, far beyond the boundaries established by the Republic. There they discovered Korriban, a world inhabited by a primitive but Force-sensitive species called the Sith. After conquering the indigenous beings, the Dark Jedi proclaimed themselves Sith Lords. It is believed that one of the founders of the Sith Empire was the Dark Jedi Ajunta Pall.

It would be nearly two thousand years before the Sith Lords rediscovered the path to Republic space.

The first significant war lasted for one hundred years as the Dark Jedi, aided by their monsters, refused to surrender to the Jedi. The Jedi had constructed the Prism, a secret prison known only to the Jedi, but no Dark Jedi was willing to be captured. Fights to the death were the ends of every battle during this war.

The Dark Jedi had been experimenting with their powers to "improve" creatures. The Jedi saw what they were doing and condemned them for it, for it was by the power of the Dark Side that these experiments were successful. The Dark Jedi were banished from the Order, but did not do so lightly. They created an army of "Korriban zombies" to aid them in their war. But these creatures were no match for the Jedi Order, and the Dark Jedi were pushed back.

By the half-way point of the war, the Dark Jedi were panicking and filled with despair. Until they created new monsters: the Leviathans. These deadly creatures caused fear in their enemies, as they drained the life-essence of entire armies. But even these creatures were unable to overcome the power of the Jedi, and so the Dark Jedi were forced back once again.

They made their final stand on Corbos. Here, the Dark Jedi were utterly defeated and forced into exile. The Jedi exiled their fallen brothers, hoping that they would learn from their mistakes and die at peace. They were wrong.

The Dark Jedi fled to Korriban, where they dominated the Sith and proclaimed themselves Sith Lords, swearing eternal vengeance on the Jedi.

One could say that the Jedi were wrong to merely exile them, that death was the best option, or imprisonment. They had these options, but the Jedi saw it best to cast them out, never knowing the horrors that would return millenia later.

While this war lasted for a century, the Dark Jedi never gained any real ground, gaining small victories but never anything they could sustain. Their masters were simply better than they were, but the Sith would return to fight in the Great Hyperspace War.

That is the next thread in this series, by the way.

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