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Anyway, I just thought I'd share this tale of stupidity. Anyone else ever seen someone really, really not get the mechanics of a fight? Maybe if there's someone out there even stupider it'll make me less annoyed!
Yes, I can beat that. KP SM through GF, I join the group at fabricator.
The plan is that I do the puzzle alone, keep myself alive (gunnery commando), and everybody else is down there. But after the fight started, one of the tanks runs up to me. Like a cat with its tail on fire, he runs and jumps around between the consoles and presses the buttons entirely randomly. At first I was very annoyed, but then I saw the challenge. First time that solving Tower of Hanoi was actually fun! Every couple of minutes I was able to fire the right thing anyway, when he got stunned by a droid or pressed the right button by chance, and the tank down there had full campaign gear and survived it.
In the following 2 fights he pulled aggro and broke ALL cc's and re-cc's, but the other tank and the healers saved the day again - not a single wipe in the entire OP.