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Dromund Kaas ... is nothing but a un-inhabited jungle/rocky wastes, where no real city development nor economical infrastructure is (and will be) built.
Kaas city looks fairly expansive. You are only able to explore a fraction of it (look around you when you take a taxi to the citadel). Additionally, Capital cities are generally not the "largerst population or economy centres" in real life.

For example: what country do you live in? Is the capital the city with the biggest economy or population?

Doing the above leaves little (if any) time to think about generating economical power, which in fact works much better and attracts more people than any war ever.
Constant watching your back and seeking (momentary only) alliances against those who grew a bit more into power, is by no means a way to establish a stable growth path for any country (not to mention an Empire).
Not sure George Orwell would agree . I would say I agree that the long-term prosperity and standard of living are dependent on economical stablity and growth. However, I'd also not mistake the shenanigans at the top with how the average imperial citizen lives.

Real life example would be Germany circa 1930s (and lets admit it, SW imperial imagery borrows heavily from the Axis in WW2 so I'm allowed to reference this). Anyone approaching the top echalons of power would see a world of chaotic intrigue where generals, and police chiefs and Politicians literally plotted the murder of their competitors. At times, this erupted into open, state-sanctioned warfare where german soliders and police launched cross-country operations to annihilate opposing factions. Sound familiar?

To the average german citizen there was a semblance of order as the reporting on the above was generally... muted...

Now you say that system was "doomed"? Ask Poland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. Yes, Germany ended up losing the overall war but they weren't "destined to lose". Took FAR too much work on the Allies' part for us to make THAT statement.

But after that there are only scattered “Lords” and” Darths” who are only interested in their particular power and fighting against others in the same faction. Malgus also went into delusions.
What class did you roll? Sorceror storyline Chapter II, III deals predominantly with a doctrinaire and powerful Darth on the Dark Council who is very much obsessed with maintaining order and making sure inter-faction combat follows set and prescribed rules.

He will literally (try to) kill off people who he perceives as too power hungry.

All this makes me quite reluctant to get involved into the Empire story, because…well, I know I am doomed. Killing few jedis or others won't help that at all.
If that is your opinion I'd recommend playing the Imperial Agent. It is about far more than the Republic and you get opportunities to weigh in on the Sith agenda. Loyalty to Empire or Loyalty to Sith.

All in all, Empire is a ill-thought idea. There's no reason to join.
It's a game. You join because it is fun. We KNOW that the empire is destined to lose given that the events in TOR take place thousands of years PRIOR to the movies.

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