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11.23.2012 , 10:18 AM | #90
Silent Council is crafting 26s and 27s for free. Empire point of contacts are Sammoj or Panopticus. Republic point of contact is Muttaya. Tips are appreciated, of course.

Advanced Might Armoring 26

Advanced Commando Armoring 27
Advanced Resolve Armoring 27
Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 27
Advanced Might Armoring 27

Advanced Artful Mod 26
Advanced Artful Mod 26B
Advanced Agile Mod 26
Advanced Agile Mod 26B
Advanced Deft Mod 26B
Advanced Keen Mod 26
Advanced Nimble Mod 26B
Advanced Potent Mod 26
Advanced Reinforced Mod 26

Advanced Artful Mod 27
Advanced Agile Mod 27
Advanced Agile Mod 27A
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27

Advanced Adept Enhancement 27
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 27
Advanced Initiative Enhancement 27
Advanced Vigilant Enhancement 27
Advanced Volition Enhancement 27

Advanced Adept Enhancement 26
Advanced Assault Enhancement 26
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 26
Advanced Battle Enhancement 26
Advanced Initiative Enhancement 26
Advanced Intuition Enhancement 26
Advanced Proficient Enchancement 26
Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26
Advanced Savant Enchancement 26
Advanced Steadfast Enhancement 26
Advanced Volition Enhancement 26
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