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Im not so sure; I can use AOE's in WZ and get top of the damage charts as sage.

cause thats important right?

sorc dmg doesnt make a difference in warzones, its not bursty enough

whats sad is a mara can run around smokin kids with single target dmg and match or beat our aoe dmg best case scenario if we get untouched. that same mara' can ravage you for 2/3 of ur health at least,

i didnt roll this class to sit back and aoe.

compare us to snipers.. snipers have AMAZING burst, cant be charged/grappled.. u truly dont want them to focus u without los

sorc dmg is laughable. its not a threat... we have no big crits, our dots are a waste of a gcd

so keep sitting back and spamming force storm/forcequake cause ur making us look bad