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I have stuck with the Sorceror class since the beginning and am considered to be one of the best 1v1 sorcs in game on my server. I thoroughly enjoy the class but that by no means think that it can't be improved. Some postive changes could really bring Sorc dps up enough to be a viable rated choice, which it is currently not.

Personally I don't see why you wouldn't want a little variety to sorc gameplay. There is no reason our thrash and saber strike should be useless. Lets take an example from the other two ranged classes.

Sniper- Has shiv, a melee attack mostly used by Dps operatives however the sniper still has this ability. It deals decent instant damage up close. Not overpowered, but still useful too when casting another attack isn't a good option.

Mercenary- Has the trademark rocket punch seen by so many powertechs. Rocket punch will root targets in arsenal spec and still hits decently hard.

These specs both have a close range ability worth using in certain situations. Can you imagine how nice it would be to have Trash maybe root a target for 1.5 seconds or perhaps Trash in lightning spec could give you a 30% chance to proc lightning storm. Even if it just did decent damage it would still be a nice option in pvp when dealing with melee opponents. Not only could this help the Sorcerer class, it would also make them canonically more correct.

And the trash/saber strike don't have to be dps effective enough to warrant use in a raiding situation.

Perhaps you shouldn't be so narrow minded

I was actually stating the states of thing as they are now, point, not raising an opinion on what the class should be. Sorry if my word stung in another thread where I called you out on yours in one of your post, but trying to get them back at me here is just not accurate, and you seems to have snapped out of it youraelf after that 1st post, your answer after was much more considering of other factors.

However, if you have played kotor 1 and 2, you know you could make a "melee" heavy with force storm, choke and AoE heals.

Never said the sorc should have absolutely no melee, just that currently the lightsaber is very much useless. I'm all for thrash actually doing something sorc specific, or a melee-ranged force attack to be added that makes a similar effect (rocket punch and shive are after all considered tech, not melee and cannot be parried/shielded. They also have cooldowns)