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11.23.2012 , 08:35 AM | #5
First off, RailShot does not have 90% armor penetration. Unless you are a Vanguard.

Second, why are you attempting to evaluate a Smash Monkey in a single target environment? That is the worst case scneario for the Smash Monkey. In any real like wz, his damage numbers will be significantly higher.

Third, why are you using a free casting environment to evaluate the Mercs? Any Sorc dps would have even better dps numbers in that situation.

You've used a very artificial setup. WHat you did show was that under the best possible conditions for a Merc Pyro, he does less damage than a Smash Monkey does under the worst possible conditions. Congrats. Clearly this is justification for the nerfs to Merc Pyro and buffs to Smash Monkeys in 1.4. Doh.