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11.23.2012 , 06:49 AM | #203
Marauders/Sents are very very very very powerful in PvP. Everyone knows that. And everyone means everyone. If anyone says are not, hes lying.

But there is another point, they are very annoying class when is attacking you. A lot., too much. And thats not good for the game. Bioware seems that they re unable to see this. I got several classes and played tons of wzs and the less the marauders/sents in the fight, more fun is the warzone, much less messy.

We saw the imba Operatives at release. And was not fun. You didnt see coming and killed in a few secs with no choice. This is not the same and so op but seeing a guy leaping you, smashing you and when (if) you got a choice, they vanishes or put some strong shields is not funny either. If you put some maras together inside a wz, is a mess of leaps, sounds, animations, awful dps that makes the fight very annoying for the enemy.

Marauders are like a mosquito, not a tiny one but huge, too huge.