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Kira,Ashara,and Jaesa Willsaam used to be very good friends and used to go on missions together all the time.But due to the war,the treaty of Coruscant and their jedi duties, they began to grow apart from each other .Neither of them knows what the other one has been doing or where they are now.Only Kira seems remember all the times she spent with them,though she doesn't like to talk about them though.

Tharan Cedrax once studied with Docter Godera for a while.

Gault used to be good friends with Nok Drayen and Risha treated him like an uncle,but due to Gault being on the run he soon lost relations with them,but he does send Risha letters from time to time and opportunities for them to see each other but Risha says she can't risk being seen with Gault with him being on the run and all.

Noman Karr and Orgus Din were good friends who fought many battles together against the sith in the war.

Corso got into a fight with Torian when he was younger when Torian came with some other mandolorians to hunt Savrips on Ord Mantell. Corso almost won against Torian but Torian was more skilled,but Torian respects Corso's fighting spirt and said Corso would've made a good Mandolorian but was too much of a farmboy and was too soft hearted.

Sergant Rusk served under Jorgans command during several operations during the war. Jorgan admired and respected Rusks commitment and dedication as a trooper and constantly praised him for it.Jorgan considered him to be one of the most model troopers in the republic. lol I like this thread
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