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Optimising basically just means replacing your mods and enhancements with the best in slot stuff. So, you're looking to get the mods and enhancements with low endurance.

Rough stats to aim for (imo):

75% crit multiplier
25% crit chance (unbuffed)
97% accuracy

Then everything else should go in to power. So, you're gonna wanna get lots of these:

WH Aptitude Mod 27
WH Mettle Mod 27
WH Adept Enhancement 27
WH Battle Enhancement 27

You may want one of the following to get your accuracy up. Most of your accuracy should come from the stalker implants so you'll only need one or two accuracy enhancements on the rest of your gear

WH Acute Enhancement 27
WH Initiative Enhancement

I am also in a similar place to yourself, just finished getting full WH and ready to min-max. However, I would consider waiting until 1.6 hits before doing anything. In 1.6 the costs of WH get massively reduced which is gonna make min-maxing very very easy! Ofc we get new tier of gear too, but the stat difference is minimal so min-maxing will be more beneficial.
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