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Best.. no, but its something at least. The best pvp patch would include everything listed so far in 1.6 plus:

1. Ilum being made relevant again
2. Maybe turning outlaws den into some kind of objective pvp area or even create a whole new area for world pvp
3. New daily/weekly missions revolving around pvp e.g. Kill 20 people in outlaws den or something give pvp'ers incentive to get off fleet
4. Better rewards from missions, 100/100 comms plus a gift box with 10-20 medpac/adrenals, possibility of pets etc.
5. Season one
6. Some class balance adjustments
7. Addtional UI features e.g. better buff tracking, better focus target management.
8. More mounts/titles for pvp achivements e.g. kill 50,000 players players get a title. Make use of stats that are recorded that thus far really don't mean anything.
9. Color crystals tied to valor rank unique to the rank
10. New reward system some kind of currency equal to black hole comms that allows you to buy individual mods/enhancements gained from weekly pvp missions.

some are ok..most..are just bad imo...World pvp is dead in every mmo for a reason, and its not a big conspiracy among developers...people are not interested!(the majority)..small scale instanced pvp is faster..requries more skill and rewards you more then jsut mindless world cross all thsoe ilum and outlaws den ideas..

the worst was the quest to kill players outside of the fleet...why?why would someone do that...that is rewarding ganking and grienfing over anything!SKILL should be rewarded in ganking..not the time spent doing it(which is unfortunatly still the case)