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11.23.2012 , 03:05 AM | #13
In case im mistake sorcs are already fairly behind in pvp and pve as dps. Ideas to not effect the nature of pve much while making positive changes for pvp are in fact possible. Heres such an idea.

Take for example Force storm. Making it instant cast would be great, but wouldn't help the class much if recklessness was used doing it as you suggest. Similarly it would be too big on an increase to PVE AOE damage if you could instant cast force lightning and hard cast force lightning on the same spot in PVE. Instead you could make a separate cooldown picked up high in the lightning tree for an instant cast force storm. When the cooldown is used on force storm it will put force storm on cooldown for say 40seconds (obviously this exact number could be changed)

Now the specific numbers aside this would moderately boost lightning's PVE single target damage which is a boost it needs to catch up to the other dps specs. In addition it would be a good kiting tool for lightning in pvp and a decent way to maybe get a lightning storm proc while being pressured.