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Well I guess /golfclap?

One thing I have learned already in this game is that every parser, reports different numbers. I have not use the one the OP is linking so can't really comment on that one. I have used Mox, SWMon, and ACT. They all report the same fight differently. SWMON is by far the most forgiving in calculating dps. Mox seems in the middle, and ACT is very unforgiving. For example a 1400 dps total in Mox actually repots as 1800 range in SWMON, and 1100 in ACT. How "friendly" his parse choice is I don't know. The totals though seem to really favor a very "friendly" least by what I can gage from doing actual op runs with various parsers. 2k+ meters only see in fast aoe trash pulls. Now I have ran HM TFB with many of the leading progression guilds on my server (Shadowlands) and they all use Mox or SWMON, etc during the runs. I can see how I am ranking on my mara against other mara's, mercs, sorcs, snipers and again only time I see 2k+ is during fast aoe trash pulls...oh and of course again Kephess when he is debuffed from the pillars.

Gear wise the OP is in 63 gear. Maybe doesn't have dread guard pieces but pretty much dread guard equivalent with 63 armor, mods, enhancements, hilts. Now my mara is not full 63 yet. Have my main hand 63 hilt, and 63 enhancements currently, and should have my 63 mods by the weekend. But looking at his askmrrobot character even with an exotech might stim and full buffs I am a bit confused. He has less than 2k str, 709 bonus dmg, and 40% crit. Over all not bad stats. High crit which may boost dps a bit more than my lower crit build. But seeing how my mara is in 61 armor/mod, 63 main hand hilt/enhancments, matrix cube, and battlemaster relic (vrs his two warleader relics) I am sitting at 716 bonus dmg but only a 29% crit total and almost 2200 str. Main hand dmg on the high end is like 1225+. So stat wise I am comparable with the OP...not as well geared (not full 63) and less crit but can't buy that crit makes that much difference...his parse shows a 30% crit rate during a fight... similarly even at a 29% stat screen crit rating I have parsed at a 30% crit rate on various parsers. Yet my average boss fight dps ranges from 1200-1800 dps. On debuffed fights (like HM TFB Kephess) I can get upwards of 2300, and in fast aoe trash pulls where I use zerk to spam vicious sweep I can push 2500-3200 dps. Operations test dummy parses are unrealistic and not really indicative of a true ops boss fight (movement, phases etc are not accounted for) I can't really say yea that is good dps or not. More so if you have people debuffing for you off the side.

Again the OP's gear is pretty good...63 level gear, stats are fairly nice (personally I would loose some crit and build more pwr in his case but then I am pwr hungry), I have to question how friendly or forgiving the parse choice he is using actually is. Our gear's are not equal but dmg potential is not very far off from each other. I have a hard time accepting a 2200 long duration, single target parse claim as a standard for the class. The skills used in the parse (Or the rotation) is pretty standard and no real magic combination there so the outside influence has me really suspect. But then opinions are like a holes, everyone has one and they often stink so what does it matter. If you play your class well, and are successful in raiding, who cares if you have a 1800 parse or a 2200 parse. From my experience most times the 4 dps are fairly close to each other in dps totals after a boss kill. Dmg done is within 20k or less between each dps. If one person is putting out significantly more than the other dps classes then the other classes need to work on their rotations/gear or its pretty clear evidence of a imbalance that could bring about unnecessary nerfs due to bad/falsified reporting. Bragging rights are one thing and I guess for some people its what they live for. But people tend to take such brags as a standard and start throwing them around as if they are common accounts. Next thing you know Mara's are going to be doing 5k dps and shooting lightning out their arses as the next round of OMG NERF MARAUDERS refreshes on one class forum or another. Until I see more people posting similar results going to have to figure this is just a little self epeen abuse by the OP done with questionable parameters.
Well, torparse is 100% accurate so your whole point is basically irrelevant. Also, in most boss fights I'm in the 1800-2100 range, so you must just not be very good, as well as the rest of your guild.

Also I'll try and get some operations parses in here next week. I've been busy leveling a sentinel to 50 and whatnot.
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