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First of all the post is completely inaccurate but there are so many problems with it I will break it down for you.

Burst is what matters in pvp whether it is AOE or single target. Even if sorcs had the single target burst marauders have they still would not be as good as marauders. This is actually because of several reasons. First of all Sorc damage is unreliable. All of our good damage eventually relies on casting, which every class in the game has an interrupt off global cooldown so casting is not always an option. Due to our low defenses we are required to kite melee in order to survive, however since our casts make us immobile we can not produce good damage while kiting. Marauder has excellent defenses, reliable damage, excellent burst and THE BEST GROUP PVP UTILITY IN GAME. Even if marauders were the worst class in the game, they would still be taken for predation in rated groups.

You see while dotting up several targets using affliction looks nice on the damage board it doesn't contribute to the kill. You seem to believe that this AOE justifies the class, but in actuality the sorc aoe abilities are only good for pointlessly spreading damage over time. Forcestorm does low damage and leaves you immobile, and affliction tab dotting hardly causes a threat. Chain lightning only hits hard off of crit in full lightning spec, and you can only get a proc for it off of casts. So that leaves deathfeild as our best aoe ability, which that move alone far from justifies a sorc DPS in rated.

Sustained AOE does not matter in ranked when high burst focus fire nets a good team kills in seconds. Sustained AOE might get you the numbers at the end of the match, but in reality you did little else other than slightly pressure the enemy team.
In a spectacular display of pvper narrow-mindness you totally missed my point.

All of what you say is indeed true. If its a situation that requires bursting down someone, sorc is not there. Survivability IS laughable in PvP. But the aoe remains, and must still he considered.

You cannot either make it a proverbial glass cannon without making OP for PvE, or significantly lowering sustained to balance the new burst.

You raise a good point about lightning, it has to move too much. Its a sniper, without the defense and cover mechanic, with actually longer cast and less burst. Making more instant, making lightning a very bursty class would probably help, or give it mechanics to be able to stand its ground and cast without hugging the wall like a lost frightened kitten.

But you need to place it higher in the tree, or you go back to the first hybrid, which had too much sustained/burst combo.

And weither you like it or not, a class that can unleash powerful AoEs does need to compensate somewhere. The way they currently do it, yah its not working. Polarity shift got slightly better, but the fact you'll be dead after one cast doesnt exactly makes it awesome. Quick self heal is nice as well, but it only buys you a few seconds in fight, and i mostly use it to quickly heal up after a fight to avoid losing time seething if another node is under attack.

Madness and hybrid gives you mobility, and currently are the "sole" option in PvP, even if a lightning spec left alone can hurt a lot, they are pretty much never left alone.

But, out of warzones there are also PvE ops, and unless you want merc and snipers to start qqing they are not as good as sorc for ranged dps and being disregarded in favor of a sorc due to that, you will want it done right, or all that is going to happen is another nerf eventually, and we'll be back to where we are now.

I agree some group utility would be nice, recklessness effect on force lightning should be revised (nice crits, but give use something more imo. Either on FL, or make it able to cast that force storm with no channel, at the cost of both charge why not? Can also be a talent for lightning tree that makes it do that)

That would be a way to actually add some dps, still be AoE strong and then you are free to focus a particular target caught in the storm.

Some ideas, but always, if you fix pvp and screw pve, you are back to case one, maybe in a month, or a year, but the fall will be even more brutal, with even more people who have a sorc as their main rage quitting.