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11.23.2012 , 12:16 AM | #12
From your post, I think its safe to assume you expected single player kotor like build possibilities, am I wrong?

Issue with an MMORPG, is you have to take balance into account with other non-force using class. The "all around" jedi or sith that was Kotor jedi sentinel is simply not possible to balance.

Now assassin as said is closer to what you want. Obviously, straight after choosing your AC you don't see it, but only the deception tree is very melee oriented. Tanking is done mostly with force based attack (discharge, shock, wither and thrash mostly as a force dumb in the rare case you have some free and to proc energized shocks, and force lightning to self heal)

Madness, use a good mix. Melee to get proc to use powerful force attacks, and access to interesting abilities in the first tier of deception tree.

Sorc, as you pointed out, is a pure force user. That lightsaver in your hand might as well be a reading lamp for your starship, its only a fancy stat stick, and for the lol you can hit something with it (namely rushed a mob in an ops just to say I used it once =D ppl laughed)

So I believe, while its a fun class, its effectively not for you.