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A couple issues with your analysis.

First off, KW/DW cost *10* Force, not 20, per application. It's not a major issue, but it's something you may want to fix in your numbers, especially since your analysis of the hybrid depends upon KW impacting the regeneration.

Secondly, it's actually entirely possible and, in fact, recommended, that, when using the deterministic attack string, to replace 1-2 Saber Strikes with Double Strikes to offset the natural net Force generation per cycle pair. It allows you to approach Force neutrality, since Force generation on your baseline attack string is largely wasted, and provides a substantial improvement in threat generation to make up for it (even if you're using Project on the basic CD, you're still improving your threat purely by the guaranteed Project crit). This is actually how I end up using the deterministic attack string: when you're not at or near full Force, you don't bother with Double Strike, but, when you are, you replace Saber Strikes with Double Strikes for the additional damage DS provides outright combined with the chance for improved damage with Project to consume Force that would otherwise be wasted by sitting at max Force.

You may want to consider trying out your analysis using a hybrid low-Thrash that, rather than try to get the proc routinely (which I only attempt to do when I'm planning on using FP), you simply treat the PA proc as a lucky happenstance that occurs whenever replacing routine SSs with DSs to prevent the waste of Force per cycle pair. Essentially, replace 2 of the 5 Saber Strikes with Double Strikes (1 per cycle so that the chance for a "wasted" PA proc is minimized). The damage and threat will go up without impacting survivability at all (since you're not changing the rate at which HS stacks are generated or TkT is used), which may make it a better "hybrid" than the one you elected to design.
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