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I've recently come back, have not played for a good while. I have a lot of 'hitching/stuttering'. Turning down the graphics settings does not seem to help much at all. The hitching is most pronounced when using accellerated travel (speeders, etc.) I'm running 'fullscreen windowed' at 1080p (DVI montior).
I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, i7 950 CPU with 12 GB of ram.
WEI scores are 7.5, 7.9, 7.7, 7.7, 7.9
Windows and TOR are running off my primary hard drive, which is a 'soft' raid 0 array (Intel onboard motherboard controller) of two SSD drives. I also have a 4 drive Raid 0 of 7200 RPM disks but it's not involved with TOR or The OS (steam and some older games live on it).
I've shut down everything running besides TOR and seen no difference.
I don't have antivirus on the machine (I have an AV scanning firewall, and do web browsing, downloading, etc on another computer. I do regular scans using a boot disk to check for possible virii, but again, since I only use this machine for games, I'm not too worried).
Graphics card is an XFX brand AMD HD6850 based PCIE card with 1GB DDR5. I am running the latest Catalyst drivers (12.10)
Motherboard and Intel Chip Raid bios's are the latest, as is the firmware on the SSD's, and I've installed the latest drivers for intel RAID and chipset.

DirectX diags 32 bit:
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