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I guess I am just looking for some cool DPS powers to use, like the ones Warrior has - Scream, Push, Smash etc.
Adding in Lightning and Double bladed combat moves. A cross between the 2 would be the ideal. And would throw out all the healing and stealth and what not. Straight up combat.

Edit: Or here is a more elaborate explanation - I want enough DPS in my force powers to be able to kill JUST using force powers and enough DPS in my melee to be able to kill JUST with my lightsaber. Then I want to combine the 2 with variety and cooldowns for a more interesting combat.
But am not interested in fancy stealth / debuffs etc.
Definitely go madness spec Assassin then. You'll have enough DPS from lightsaber and force powers separately to kill most weak, standard, and some strong enemies, but you WILL have to use both for elite and higher level enemies.

Overall, there isn't a single class in the game with access to both that has enough power in either lightsaber or force powers to kill every enemy in the game without using the other alongside it. If that's what you're looking for, you are out of luck.