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11.22.2012 , 10:32 PM | #17
The game currently has a memory leak for me, so I try to do FPs when I first log in (or I'll relog when I want to do an FP) to mitigate RAM consumption and lessen DC risk, but some FPs are worse than others. As such I warn my group I might get DCed but I'll be RIGHT BACK so please don't kick me. I ask if everyone understands and is okay with this. If someone says no, they don't want to wait, I'll ask the group to vote kick me right then (at one point we vote kicked the guy who wasn't okay with waiting a few mins instead - at his request as the others were okay with it and he asked us to kick him so he could have a 'faster' run).

So if you have a history of DC or know you have a memory leak and not enough RAM to deal with it, let the group know beforehand. It makes everything much smoother.

And for the guy who thinks it's slowing him down, pull out a companion and run through normal mobs for a few minutes. The odds that a person gets DCed right before a boss fight are really low. It doesn't slow you down in the least to fight through some mobs and 'poof' the person is back and runs to catch up.