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Hey all,

So I've convinced my GF to give the game a shot now that its gone F2P (I'll probably chuck a months sub on her account anyway so she doesn't hate it though). Since then I've been trying to think of what she should play. I told her I wouldn't make her heal and shes never played an MMO before so I was wondering what other people considered to be "Girlfriend Friendly" classes. I'm planning to roll an alt from the same starting planet to level with her and I'll go tank or healer and probably just get her to DPS.

I was thinking Pyro PT and I'd have rolled an Op healer or Sorc and I'd have rolled a Jugg tank. But then she decided she wanted to play Republic side. Vanguard just isn't as cool and I already have a Scoundrel healer. Same deal with Sage and Guardian tank.

My thoughts are:
'Slinger: Great ranged DPS, cover takes some getting used to and bottoming out energy really hurt. I'd probably roll a Vanguard tank to accompany her.
Sage: Good ranged DPS, resource management is a joke. Nice and easy but boring story and doesn't feel "Sagey" until after level 10. I'd roll a Shadow tank to match.
Commando: Simple rotation, same resource issue as 'Slinger but heavy armour might help her out a bit. I'd probably roll a Vanguard or 'Slinger to match.
Sentinel: Great damage, 2 sabers and easy resource management but its melee and has tonnes of abilities. Shadow tank again.
Guardian: Same as Sent, but with heavy armour.
Scoundrel: Stealth, melts things but melee, no gap closer and squishy. Also has variable resources.
Vanguard: Great damage, easy class (Assault spec). Animations are boring and variable resources. Probably pair with a Commando healer.

So far I've capped a Sage, Guardian, Assassin and Scoundrel as heal or tank spec and a Sniper DPS. I've also got a Chapter 3 PT so I know a fair bit about those classes. My Marauder and Commando are still, well, a Warrior and Trooper.

Really, I just want something easy, effective and/or fun for her. Any input would be appreciated. Bonus points if you have feedback from "non-MMO gamer" partners.
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