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Sith inquisitor lvl 50 finished story 8.5/10

Was my first toon. Story is great, especially for act 1. Act 2 is boring and will only get you to act 3.
Act 3 is great cuz you get to kick the nuts of a self entitled sith lord
The story is all about power play and learning the misteries of the dark side. If you are the sidious type, go for it.
Play dark side for best experience. I played female and enjoyed it. I think the SI story fits a female dark side.

Act 1: 9.5/10
Act 2: 7/10
Act 3: 8.75/10

Sith Warrior lvl 50 story is finished 8.75/10

2nd toon. (Actually I rolled 2 SW, still have to finish the 2nd one)
Great story. It is very different from the SI. Your master is more of the SI type and will manipulate you throughout the game. You are super powerful and sort of a brute.
Played dark side and it was great. Played male on lvl 50 and female on the other one. If you want to romance your companions, male is the best by far.
I have been told that light side is cool as well but im sure that for swtor, it is best to stick with your faction alignment (at least for jedi/sith)

Act 1: 8.75/10
Act 2: 8/10
Act 3: 9/10

I would say it is a little better than SI but it depends on your preferences.

Jedi knight lvl 50 finished act 3. 9.75

I think the best story so far. Very heroic. Took me 4 days to complete the quests. Act 1 is a little boring, but it has the best Act 2 and Act 3. Basically this is KOTOR 3 (with less choices and less profound).
I played female because I cant stand the male voice. Female would be even better if we have same sex relationship. I want to kiss Kira .
Play light side for best experience

The ending is epic.

Act 1: 6.5/10
Act 2: 9.5/10
Act 3: 9.99/10

Jedi Consular lvl 50 finished act 3. 8.25

The jedi consular story is not that bad on the first planet, but it gets really boring really fast.
I first rolled my jedi consular right after my SI and stopped at lvl 30 because I could not stand the boring story.
After completing the SW and JK, I decided to give it a chance. I finished alderaan and then I was hooked. Great story starting at alderaan. I would not say that the 2 last act were as good as JK or SW but somewhat close. I found it was a good experience.
I played female light side as I could not stand the male voice.
I started the story dark side and I would not advice it to anyone: the dark side choices just... dont make sence. And also, it does not make sense to stand before the jedi counsil when you are obviously dark side with the face and all. Also, I think the jedi would be able to tell that you are doing evil deeds or not.
(DONT PLAY DARK SIDE) play this one only as an alt.

I really felt like a jedi for act 2 and 3. Trying to solve problems with diplomacy. Protecting people with the force.
Really felt like a jedi master.

Act 1: 1.25/10
Act 2: 7.75/10
Act 3: 9.25/10