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Given that the OP has a sage video in his sig you could just check out the video. I haven't done that yet either so lets play your game.

Important A does not imply the OP is a hypocrite. At the least BM is the norm, not recruit, whereas 49 Twinks with almost all of their skills and vastly superior gear are the outlier in the lower bracket. You're comparing apples and level 50 PVP.

Important statement B is a fallacy. It is possible to have not the best gear in 50 and not get destroyed by war hero geared 50s. Augmented BM is perfectly competitive.

The implication of statement B is a non sequitur. This thread is not about 50 PVP. There are plenty of threads about the gear gap at level 50. Also only the idle rich can bother to fully twink out toons in full purple gear in the lowbie bracket. Full War Hero is available to anyone willing to grind, and at 50 that grinding isn't going to have you level straight through the gear you were working for.

Important statement C is another fallacy. Having good gear is not the same as twinking. He's only a hypocrit if he has a twinked character and leaves warzones early so his gear doesn't get comparatively worse through leveling.

Either way twinking is pretty lame.
Well said.

To all of you who are talking about gear being the problem with the gap... it is only a small part. The real problem is in the ability points and the gap that they create.

When your skills are buffed to level 49 the majority of damage comes from the skill its self. When you have the ability to spec into things like more force, high crit procs etc. that is what causes the gap.

and by the way stop trying to grind WH and just accessorize your BM. You will be very competitive.

SWTOR just make it so that you get exp after every medal earned with diminishing returns. Then create a lock out if you leave a warzone. Maybe 5min that way people wont just get medals and leave.
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