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11.22.2012 , 08:42 PM | #4
i was curious about arsenal's usefullness against tanks and high armored tragets in pvp. so i did a comparison on one off my friend's full tank juggernout.

i went to tatoine in the pvp area and dpsed him (with him beeing healed ) for about 10 min

with once my full elitewarhero Pyro pt , once my full elitewarhero rage marauder and once with my arsenal merc (pve 4set +elitewarhero).

the results where kinda surprising with 1130 for the pyro 1150for the mara and 1250 for the merc.

the reason was that internal damage (which is often thought to be the tankkiller )is actually not 'that' great against tanks since with all their feats+sorcbuff they get around 20% dr from it (unlike the warzone dummy that has 0% ).

armor penetration on the other hand gets better, the higher enemies armor is.
of course railshot has 90% ap, but it makes only around 23%(if you get every procc) of the pts damage. the rest of the pts damage consists of flamburst/dots and rocketpunch/td/rapidshots(no armor penetration at all)

arsenal mercs have 50% of his damge with 65% ap(unload+railshot) and the other 50% with 35%ap (tm+hsm+rapidshots).