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Basically it would have worked better as a meditation throne aboard your ship, that maybe gives you buffs or something. Or some sort of emote, that is stationary.

P.S. Is this available for Republic players, or have they just missed out? Seems a little unfair if you ask me.
1 - it's available for republic players, but it still has imperial emblem on it. Might be unfair, but I am sure Rep kids will get a few goodie-good themed items in future.

2 - The sentences I quoted.. if you would go back three posts and read what I wrote about the throne being used in RP you might look at the matter in a bit different way. But given that I am a masochist, I will go through it again. You see - the throne can and will still be used by some roleplayers as a stationary thing for rp. A throne, meditation chair and whatnot. Remember, though, that most the template-placed objects in game tend to appear a little to the side, never in the middle of your template. Placing them in a circle, for a guild leader meeting(given that all the leaders would have them) would be nigh impossible. But as speeders, players can just pop them up and fly to form as perfect circle as they want with some effort. So if it being mobile is actually a good thing, why take the mobility away?

Furthermore - if it was meant to be mobile, but not used as a speeder per se, it would have no practical value outside the rp. But as with the speeder you can pop the walk speed by pressing " / " on num pad, why restrict it's speed? As much as I find it funny when someone is speeding on that throne through Hoth or Dune Sea, it doesn't either happen too often(it's still pretty rare) nor affects my gameplay experience so horribly when I see one player roaming on it that I would whine like a hipster kid whose parents refused to buy an iPhone for. Of course there are more of those in, let's say, Imperial Fleet, but do not expect any immersion from the social hub. People wearing silly armors, people doing silly stuff, people with silly names, they all are in the Fleet. If a throne speeder pains you so much, just think about those huge *** speeder cars that some people fly in the rather tight hallways of the station. Some of them barely fit. In fact, any type of speeders should be prohibited in such place, but it's for players' covenience.

Either way - I see no reason to go so harsh on the item. It still bears the rp value as a cosmetic item, and some might use it as their speeder. Even if it looks silly, they might enjoy it. Your fun is not more important than theirs. If it bothers you in the world, you are overly sensitive since it's rare. If it bothers you on Imperial Fleet, there's something wrong with you, because it's the social hub and stuff like that is acceptable. It's almost mandatory for people to have some mind-numbing fun while not doing OPs and hard modes at the station, simple.
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