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Found your problem. Stop giving up so easily.
srry but that is a bad advice for some1 that hates *insert warzone here*, best advice is LEAVE asap as it finished loading and queue again, no leavers penalty remember?

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Also why do people always come down so hard on HB? It's a lot of fun and it's the most PuG friendly WZ out there, as it requires the least amount of tactics and co-ordination.

What did I just read....with no tactic you can`t win, ya i won a few games just having some lucky leaps but that isn`t enough againts ppl that think, i ve seen lots of games where the 2 teams just zerg the middle and die and that s it.........always keep an eye for some1 to pass to when ur low health esp when u carry the ball have atleast 1 guy run ahead then pass to him, if the game hits the last 1:30 minute and it`s a tie i always shout to bring the ball down to our pit and hold it-pass between us, enemies die they never make it back, allies die their back immediatly.
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