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Also why do people always come down so hard on HB? It's a lot of fun and it's the most PuG friendly WZ out there, as it requires the least amount of tactics and co-ordination.

I would actually say the exact opposite. Huttball requires a lot of tactics and coordination. Imo its the only warzone where a 4 man premade has a real advantage. You group with a tank jug, a sin, a sorc healer, and any good dps (I actually like having a sniper) you can totally win any huttball game with a competent group. All the other warzones you need to kill players in order to win (clearing nodes, attacking in VS etc), in huttball I have won matches 6-0 without topping 10k damage and recording 0 kills...does not happen all the time but huttball can be won with minimal dps.