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11.22.2012 , 06:08 PM | #21
I do believe Darth Nihilus used Force Drain on Darth Traya , being to be honest if you play through KotoR II it can be sensed if Kreia wanted at any point to hand out some WOOP*** she probably could .
I think Force Drain , kept her from counter attacking Scion as he was literally Man handling her .

To show my believe that Nihilus might not have any form of Force Sever is because at one point he is confronted by Scion who was in attempting to kill Nihilus . If Nihilus had Force Sever he wouldn't have just fried Scion , he would have likely full out killed him and shorten a otherwise very good story.

Side Note : 30+ Dollars later in Coins to Packs and no fricken mask of my Favorite Darklord Period . I feel I am being very much trolled by this game and very upset ..................

Tomorrow I will have spent 50dollars into coins , and if I do not get my Mask I will RAGGGGGGGE over this !
Give a Man a Mask and he'll become his true self