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Operations are very much like the old side platform Megaman games - vs the boss, he has a pattern and you jump or duck there. I find it fun becase you do it in a 3d environment with 15 other people - and it is challenging because people really have to know their class, positioning and the like. PVP, on the other hand is a different style. I play both, and **** face in both lol.

But lets be honest, this is an MMO...PVP does not take much skill. The rotations are all around the net for people, gear stats and the like. Want a challange? Go play Rapha in some Quake duel. THAT is a game that takes skill.
I'm referring to the unpredictability of playing against another human versus something that is a set series of steps every time.

Again I was not trying to offend, but almost any person can eventually get through most PVE content but those same people can not adapt to the dynamic nature of playing against other people.

But saying that being a good player in PVP is as simple as repeating a set PVE pattern is just disingenuous, if this were true most PVPers would be on equal footing and winning a PVP match would be 50/50 and the top performers would also cycle through from top to bottom.

*But we all know this is not true, PVP easily separates the bads. Think of it this way, how many people have you met that could never, ever complete some PVE content, now let's compare that number to people who will never ever be good at PVP.

If you look at this honestly there is no comparison, PVE is just a routine like brushing your teeth, I know some of you like it and that is fine, but lets not start making up wild stories about what is adaptability and what is pattern.

I was just looking for an honest insiders take on the appeal of PVE, was not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.