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I was around 1550 when I still had 3 pieces of Rakata left, guess it must be close to your numbers now. I'll try and get my parse from this weekend's coming EC run and be more specific.

By the way, do you all still use PvP relics or already switched to Dread Guard ones yet? I'm thinking about getting the proc one with 47 static power bonus to replace my BM Boundless Ages one nowadays.
I hear that the dread guard is BIS now but haven't got around to see if it's true or not currently relloing my jugg to a rattataki since with the cartel shop i was able to buy it instead of paying 2mil since i'm cheap

my parse came from the operations dummy on your ship i usually forget to run mox when running a raid so if you are trying to compare to me might want to parse on the dummy
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